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As many of know April Is Autism Awareness month. Yet many still think Autism still means less instead of different. Many still think these poor children or adults will never live up to their true potential. The truth is some already have made great strides to advance anything from writing to science. We forget that these special people are more than capable of handling more than we give them credit for.  

Now I know you are probably reading this and asking why is this important? Or how does this pertain to your writing? For that answer I have a confession. My daughter is autistic and she is my editor. Every word I write she proof reads, changes sentences and paragraphs. There is a story we started working on together, that we have yet to finish, that one day will be ready to be published. 

Are our days easy? Not by a long shot. She has meltdowns, get easily frustrated and upset.  Social events, even with family, are tense and can go from fun and leisurely to chaos at the drop of a dime. But she tries and she writes. She inspires me to put myself out there with my own writing.  

My books and stories my never be globally recognized but I put them out there to motivate her. I overcame my own disabilities relearning to not only walk but speak again... just to show her to push forward. I as a mom try my hardest to motivate her to be the best that she can be. To be as close to "normal" as she feels comfortable with. She will never be what society says is "normal," and why would I want that for her? 
Right now she is free to think, to get lost in her own mind and create truly beautiful stories. She is free to be herself and make people that come into her life come to her way of thinking. It won't always work out that way but those who really want to know her have the opportunity to think differently.  

My stories, my writing, everything that I do reflects back on her. She is my reason for being here today. My husband is my muse that is very true. He has had to push me to get back some of what I had lost. But is my daughter that is the reason i made the choice to be pushed. Yes my husband inspired me to publish my first book, but I would never have had any success with it if my daughter hadn't edited it for me. 
So yes, those with Autism are different... but they are beautiful. They are the ones that we should look to be inspired. As a writer I know that I do. As a mother I sometimes forget to look below the surface but when she points something out to me that forces me to think... that challenges me look outside the box... I quickly remember. 
And yes, she did edit this for me. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Reviewed by Ronald Hull 5/15/2017
Those with autism certainly do have unique and often outstanding talents that need to be cultivated for them to feel accepted. I have several works of collages done by Grant Manier. As a result of his mother's relentless promotion, Grant is becoming quite well-known in artistic circles. 

And you should be commended for fighting back from your stroke and being able write again about your experience and where your muse leads you. As well as your husband who has enabled it to happen. We all need good editors, and what better editor than a daughter with the discerning powers of detail that autism sometimes brings. 

Ron Paul

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Apr 5

Here is my review for Kings, Queens, Herero's and Fools by: M. R. Mathias
Having never read the first book I can tell you that it was my loss. One that will soon be correcting. Form the first page of book two of this series, I was in awe. This a mind gripping, page turning, edge of your seat kind of story. Filled with elves and the hint of battle. The author really has a true understanding of his characters and their world. Both allowing the reader to immerse themselves into the world that has been created and leaving just enough room for the imagination. If you want a leisurely day of reading look elsewhere this book this series is not for you. However if you want an adventure that can transport you to another place, look no further for that is exactly what you be on until the end and still be left craving more. This is easily one of the best works I've read this year. And one of the few that could not be put down until the end. As an avid reader I cannot wait to see what happens next nor what else is in the arsenal of words that have yet to be written.

Apr 4

****Review**** The Unravelling by: Sarah Northwood

Although this is the second book do yourself a favor and read this amazing prequel before starting the original. You will not be disappointed. We follow Ryan through a two year journey that has a wonderful plot twist at the end that leads to the first book. Having never read the first book I am so thankful to wait for this prequel. It's very obvious that this story needed to be told to fully understand the mindset for it's predecessor. A delightful read that is completely outside of my normal go to reads. Definitely looking forward to reading the Original of this two part series.

Mar 31

Here is another book you may like it Is called "Raging Falcon" Here is my thoughts on it...
If you are a reader of futuristic fantasy fiction then this is a must read or add to any collection. Its a very fast paced in order to change the present the hero must change the past kind of story. Completely spell bind and memorizing from the very first page.As a plus all past conflicts are torn right from the headlines giving the reader a possible glimpse into our future. If our future turns out to have those with mystical powers that is. However a very pleasant and surprising read that takes you out of the comfort the current world and makes you think about the what ifs and other possibilities of our day to day life. From the first page it is a very tantalizing and completely gripping read. Definitely something that should not be put down until the end. Conclusion: as a avid reader I'm looking forward to more works by this author. This is not a story for those looking to fill just a few moments of free time as this will consume the better part of your day. Reader be warned.

Mar. 19

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Ok so first book comes out this April. Second book is in the hands of my publisher. Third book... I have decided on a name and the bare bones of the book however I am taking a month off from the world of Lite and Darke. Just a month. In the mean time I am working on a second draft of a completely new series. Hopefully I can have it rewrote fairly soon. And have it added to my ever growing list of published works. Fingers crossed.

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