Basic and General Infomation
Please note this a general idea of pricing and the total 
may very state to state due to the cost for expenses. As such 
Please contact me for a quote based on your state.

Speaking engagements are limited to 35-45 min. blocks. No strobe lights, flashing lights please.
Video tapping, Pictures are welcome and encouraged.
Autographs will be done after the presentation unpon request at no charge.
I come with a few slides I will need to know if you can use a zip drive, or other 
computer program. 
I do this to promote my books yes, but I also have a story to tell that led to the creation of my books.  As such I am very reasonable with my fees. 
Books can be purchased  ahead of time at cost, however I need at least a month to do this.
Otherwise, if you wish to purchase books you would have to do so by other means.
Ohio schools only : I charge $200 plus travel. 
50 miles or less travel would be $50.00
51- 150 miles $100.00
Over 150 miles it is .50 per mile.

Schools outside of ohio
$600 for expenses
$200 forspeaking fee 
plus .60 per miles driven or the cost of air fair depending on what is cheaper.
If two or more schools in the area are intrested a group price can be discussed. 

I am here to work with the schools. Many of which I know do not have the funds to pay 
high prices for speakers.

The age of students should be 14 or older. So 8-12 grade.
Any questions please contact me and I will happily get back to you with-in 24 hours or less.