Praise for other great Indie Authors

Author: H.D. Thomson 
Book: Anxiety: A Smoke and Mirrors (Episode 1-6)
   Previously published as Shrouded in Darkness;

Five Stars all the way.

From the very beginning the story captivate the mind. From the gripping quote from David Seabury to the way you can feel the emotions of those being portrayed.  Just the right amount of hope and regret. The perfect blend of romance and regret. Every word every moment another twist and turn leading the reader down an unknown path only to turn another direction. This is an excellent read that will leave you wanting more. For myself I can’t wait to read book two in this series.

Aden : The Beginning
By: Tiffany D. Young
Not long-ago Aden: the beginning was pointed out to me by none other than the talented author Tiffany D. Young. In this first book of the King’s Trilogy we get to meet the charters. See them develop and make that first connection with them. There is just the right blend of mystery, intrigue, suspense. Add to that several different possibilities for later books. This is real gem in the world of Indie books and as an avid reader I’m so glad that it crossed my path. So, for all of you if you need to slip away from reality for few hours or even just want to let your mind wonder this is the book for you. Personally a 5-star rating for a new favorite author and a series that I can’t wait to finish reading.
You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box "Hartman House" by A L Wright. 
As a little-known author, I read this book with an open mind and no expectations. I was hoping for a few hours to escape into a book. This is not a book to relax to. This is however a thrill ride from the opening page clear to the end. A death in the opening, revenge and regret. Witches and vampires all perfectly blended. Although, in my opinion this book is much too short. Only 16 chapters leaves much to be desired. Hopefully a second book is in the works… if it is… it is already on my to-be read list.  Over all a solid 4 out of 5 stars.
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Eden by: David Kummer
Enter this book with an open mind and be prepared to not to put it down until the end.  For a novel written by a young author is it completely breathtaking, heart stopping and spell binding. A tale that is so well weaved together that you not see the ending coming.  A must read for any true dark fantasy reader. And series that just made to my go to re-read shelf. I simply cannot wait for the continuation. A solid four out of 5 stars.
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Book review
Just Live
By: Shaan Renae
On my last book signing I was blessed enough to meet this author buying both this book and another by Shaan Renae. But as all books I read them with an open mind and no expectations. Indie authors or main stream authors are read in the same manor.  With a large cup of coffee beside me. However, I must admit for a story that is outside my normal “go-to” reading genre I was pleasantly surprised. From the very first page I was intrigued at where the story was going. As an anti-love story with real life twist it is completely amazing. From the way that you can relate with main character as a reader you almost put yourself into the story. A solid 4.5 out of five stars. Only because there are places that seem rushed. Still a wonderful read and an awesome addition to my collection.   

Review for TAKE ME to the PINK YACHT
By: Aurora Diamond
As an avid reader, I’m always looking to find new and unique books to read. So, when this story was presented to me I jumped at the chance. At first glance, it has the feel of something meant for a young reader to young adult. Spoiler, this is not suited for those who are not mature. It may take a bit to get to those parts but they are there. It’s not the dark erotic romances that other books may have, however the subject matter is enough to label not suited for those under 16. The story line seems at first choppy but evolves as the story continues. This is not something to read at a glance. This is a book that you must experience from beginning to end. This is also one of those books that you may have to read more than once to fully catch everything that the author has tucked away between the pages. Overall, I would give this story a 4. Prepare to be amazed as I continue to look forward to more from this talented author.

t Text' fro"CrossTown" by Loren W Cooper.
As a fan of everything fantasy, supernatural and general fiction I’m always excited to find a new author or book. I do have to admit it took me a while to warn up to this one but once I did I quickly fell into the routine of curling up and not putting it down until I finished it. The story starts off a little bit confusing for my taste so I am hoping there is story before this one. If not, one is needed just to clarify a few things. Otherwise, it is a good read for letting one’s mind wonder. For my person reading scale a solid 3.5 stars.